KINetic by Kingspan

KINetic by Kingspan is the premiere social media network for design professionals. Streamline your design process while working with other users to maximize your project's potential.


Visualize your ideas in clusters. Place your spheres in a customized order to organize your thoughts.

Focus your design ideas

Organize your thoughts

KINetic - My clusters screen shot
KINetic - Share your cluster with social media

Promote and Share

Show others your projects. Share your clusters, and increase your visibility.

Share on your favorite social media

Expand your project's reach

Collaborate and Connect

Get feedback from your peers. Ask for their opinion and share yours. Cultivate your industry connections.

Follow colleagues that interest you

Add users to your cluster for collaboration

Follow other clusters

KINetic - clusters I follow screen shot
KINetic - Share your cluster with social media


Enhance your creative process and strengthen your business relationships. See results for both yourself and others.

Comment on other clusters

Ask for feedback from other users

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